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My First Review- The coverPlug

The coverPlug is a molded panel that fits into your electrical outlets, covering the entire outlet quickly and easily. It's surface is designed for paint application, so that
it can be customized to match your walls.

As a mother of five children, ages 1 month-6 years old I find that my two boys who are 2 and 3 years old are the most curious about everything, but unfortunately that includes electrical things. When I first got the coverPlug I put it in an outlet which is in our main hallway. This is one outlet that I have caught my 2 year old trying to put crayons into.

Here is the outlet before the coverPlug, came into our lives.

And now here is the same outlet with The coverPlug in place.

My two boys were watching when I placed The coverPlug in the outlet so
I walked away and watched them to see what they would do.
Sure enough, being the curious little boys that they are, they both tried to
remove the coverPlug from the outlet. Neither one of them could take it out.
It has now been in the outlet for a week and my two boys no
longer touch that outlet or the coverPlug.

My Overall Opinion of the coverPlug:


I love the sleek design, it fits so perfectly over the outlets

that you can hardly tell it's a separate piece, so it blends in with the walls.

It fits snugly in place and it's smooth surface makes it hard for kids to remove. It covers the entire outlet making it impossible for the
kids to touch any part of the outlet.

The coverPlug is definitely durable, the prongs are made with stability, they don't bend easily like other outlet covers I have seen and the entire coverPlug is constructed with
care and sturdiness.

They are priced to fit any budget, but your child's safety is priceless.


The coverPLug is easy to install, the size makes less likely to be misplaced
and the fact that it has a paintable surface is definitely great for overall aesthetics.

Would I recommend this to everyone?

Absolutely! My husband loves it, I love it and I have one less thing to worry about.


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